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Welcome to the homepage of the REDcert certification system


REDcert was founded on 26 February 2010 by leading associations and organizations in the German agricultural and biofuel sector and approved as a certification system on 20 July 2010, by the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung – BLE) to fulfil the requirements of the German Biomass Sustainability Ordinances (BioSt-NachV and Biokraft-NachV) . The certification system can be applied to all of the steps involved in the process starting with production and collection of input materials through to processing in oil mills and the production of biofuel and liquid biofuel. At the beginning, the focus of REDcert’s activities with the new certification system will be in Germany and Europe.

In the meantime REDcert was recognized by the European Commission as a system for the certification of sustainable biomass.


Whether you are a producer, manufacturer or certification body, you can find information about the tasks and goals of REDcert, the system requirements, inspection system, training dates and much more here.


The REDcert system is a newly approved certification system which means that this website will undergo continuous change and optimisation. We would be happy to receive any suggestions or comments about our website via contact form.


We will provide regular information on current developments and relevant issues in the REDcert Newsletter (see "Newsletter").

  • Revision of the REDcert requirements

    The requirement for the REDcert-DE system and 36. BImSchV will be published in german on 17.02.2014 (2 pm) on the homepage of REDcert. The english version will be translated at the moment und published next week.

  • REDcert Business Report 2012 online

    The REDcert Business Report 2012 is published on the REDcert Homepage under "Business Reports".

  • REDcert tool for creating and submitting proofs of sustainability

    With immediate effect the proofs of sustainability could be generate as normal with the REDcert-Tool.