• REDcert

    We offer you certification schemes for sustainable biomass, biofuels and bioliquids as well as sustainable agricultural raw materials for use in the food and feed industry as well as biomass for material purposes bzw. material purposes for the chemical industry.

  • REDcert-EU and REDcert-DE

    With the REDcert-DE and REDcert-EU certification schemes, you have unrestricted access to the German and European markets for sustainable biomass, biofuels and bioliquids.

  • REDcert²

    REDcert² offers you reliable and efficient sustainability certification of material purposes in the chemical industry.


REDcert – Your partner for sustainability certifications

REDcert offers certification schemes for sustainable biomass, biofuels and bioliquids (REDcert-DE and REDcert-EU) as well as sustainable agricultural raw materials for use in the food/feed industry and biomass for material purposes respectively material purposes in the chemical industry (REDcert²). REDcert's philosophy is to support the scheme participants in the implementation of sustainability certification and offer practically oriented schemes.

Do you have different raw materials but only want a single sustainability certification scheme? REDcert has various solutions requiring only one audit which allows you to supply your raw materials to all markets.

The REDcert schemes are applicable to all economic operators in the respective value chain. REDcert’s activities related to the implementation of sustainability requirements mainly focus on Germany and Europe.

You can find information about the tasks and goals of REDcert, the scheme requirements, inspection system, training dates and much more on our website.

Or request our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Bernhard Krüsken

    Secretary General of the German Farmers' Association (Deutscher Bauernverband e.V.)

    “The industry-driven REDcert scheme has succeeded in enabling farmers to provide the legally required proof of sustainability for their crops in the field of bioenergy in a practical way with little red tape. REDcert also offers solutions for the verification of sustainability requirements in the food chain, thus facilitating market access for our farmers.”




  • Horst Seide

    President of the German Biogas Association

    “REDcert is already a reliable partner for the certification of sustainable biomethane in the fuel sector. Starting in 2021, biogas facilities that generate electricity and heat must also be certified. The biogas industry is striving to meet this challenge by working with REDcert to develop a way to practically implement the EU requirements.”

  • Lieven Flamée

    QSE Director of Beaulieu International Group, BU Engineered Products

    “As leading manufacturer of yarns for contract, automotive and residential carpet applications, we really welcome the right and clear visibility the REDcert platform is offering on our biomass balanced yarns towards our industry partners. We are committed to grow in sustainability, and therefor value this certification as ground-breaking for any product derived from biomass. Beaulieu International Group was the first yarns producer getting a certificate for its EqoBalance, according to the new standard REDcert² for the chemical industry. The chemical industry is increasingly relying on the use of sustainably produced and certified biomass to replace fossil-based raw materials.”





  • Dr. Christian Krüger

    Corporate Sustainability

    "At BASF, we combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. The various REDcert certifications offer us as a globally operating chemical company the opportunity to boost the credibility of our mass-balanced products for our customers and stakeholders. The REDcert standards are applicable to all of our sites. BASF was the first company in the world to have a product successfully audited for compliance with the new REDcert2 standard for the chemical industry in 2018 and all biomass-balanced products are now certified under this standard. These products are used today in many different industrial sectors (e.g. packaging, automotive, construction). In addition, we also use the REDcert EU scheme for biomass-balanced products intended for the biofuel sector."


New biomass codes

The Federal Office for Agriculture and Food unlocked new biomass codes (also for Bio-LNG) for Nabisy.

The current types of biomass were published under Media Center/Information biofuel sector.


REDcert² chemical industry - Auditor Training

REDcert offers a new training on 24th/25th of November 2020 for auditors with the topic "REDcert² - certification of sustainable material flows in the chemical industry".

Further information are published on our website under "Events".


To meet the needs of a circular economy, REDcert will offer companies operating in the chemical industry the opportunity to manufacture chemical products from recycled waste materials of fossil origin and have them certified under the REDcert² scheme starting in October 2019.


REDcert² certification is therefore possible for products containing recycled materials as well as for products with biogenic raw materials. Traceability under REDcert² is guaranteed on the basis of a mass balance approach with clearly defined criteria. In the CE 100 White Paper published by the Ellen McArthur Foundation, this is seen as an essential strategic element to facilitate and promote the use of recycled materials.

By expanding the scope of sustainability certification, REDcert is creating an incentive to reuse valuable fossil-based waste materials in the chemical industry in order to further reduce the use of “virgin materials” (fossil primary raw materials).



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REDcert offers the REDcert-DE and REDcert-EU certification schemes for the certification of sustainable biomass, biofuels and bioliquids.


REDcert² is a reliable and efficient sustainability certification scheme
for food.

Animal Feed

REDcert² is a reliable and efficient sustainability certification scheme for animal feed.

Biomass for material purposes

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REDcert² is an efficient certification solution for the use of sustainable biomass as a material in the chemical industry.


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You can register for the REDcert-DE, REDcert-EU and REDcert² certification schemes on our online portal.



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All certificates and inspection certificates currently issued in the REDcert schemes can be found on our public overview of certificates.



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REDcert’s NUTS tool lets you search for NUTS2 regions for biomass cultivated in Germany.

NUTS tool

Land register

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REDcert offers with the land register (in German only) all farmers the free opportunity to keep their land registers secure on a permanent basis.

Land register

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