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Information on sustainable biomass, biofuels and bioliquids


Information from REDcert

Proof of Sustainability (PoS - REDcert) - NEW


Sustainability Declaration for Raw Material and Intermediates (REDcert) - NEW


Changes in the REDcert-EU scheme - presentation


Overview - key changes in the REDcert-EU scheme (according RED II)


Country Overview REDcert-EU scheme

Acceptance certification systems


Annual activity report (Art. Article 6(f) of the IR)

Reprot EU 2022






Annual activity report (Article 30 (5) of the IR 2022/996) 2023

 Activity Report 2023


Relevant legislation

Directive (EU) 2018/2001 (RED II)


Directive (EU) 2023/2413 (RED III) - NEW



Information from The Federal Office for Agriculture and Food 


BLE information letter (No. 12) regarding the Nabisy changes-2022


New csv-format for the upload of proofs of sustainability-2022


BLE Information Leaflet Production of Sustainable Biomass: General Information


BLE Information Leaflets


Nabisy FAQ

Subsequent issuance of proofs of sustainability - NEW


Application for Access to Nabisy (supplier or trader)


Amendment of Access to Nabisy (supplier or trader)


Application for Access to Nabisy to enter data (producer)


Amendment of Access to Nabisy to enter data (producer)


Invalidity of Proof of Sustainability pursuant § 20


Biomass-Codes (BLE) - NEW (07/23)


Notification form for small and very small operations


Further information under https://www.ble.de/EN/Topics/Climate-Energy/Sustainable-Biomass-Production



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