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Scheme principles
Scheme principles

Presentation - REDcert-EU changes

Overview - key changes

Basic scheme requirements*


Sanction system Integrity Management* (NEW) Sanction system

Fee schedule

  Fee schedule - chemical industry 
    Guidelines governing the use of the REDcert² logo in the chemical industry
Country Overview
  Acceptance of certification systems for waste and residual material  
REDcert system participants
 Scheme documents


First gathering point


Last Interface

GHG calculation

Mass Balancing

Waste and residual material



GHG calculation*

Mass Balancing*

Biomass production in
the food industry

Scheme principles for the certification of sustainable material flows for
the chemical industry

(Revision information)



Interfaces, Warehouses, Suppliers


Interfaces, Storage facilities, Suppliers*

(Waste and residual material)

Interfaces and Supplier
(Waste and residual material)

(Waste and residual material)

Operations that supply
waste and residues for the chemical industry

Inspection of sustainable material flows
(chemical industry)

Desk audit
(chemical industry)

  • Cross-Compliance-farms

Self-declaration farm with form

Farms (PDF-File)

Farms (WORD-File)
  • NON Cross-Compliance-farms

Farms (PDF-File)

Farms (WORD-File)
  • Waste and residual material

Supply of waste and
residual materials

Version 1:
Supplement to the General Service

Version 2:
Attachment for delivery slip

Version 3:
Anlage zum Lieferschein II

Version 4:

Version 5:
Shortened and filled

Supply of waste and
residual materials


Supply of used cooking oil/waste oil


Waste and residues for
sustainable material flows
in the chemical industry

Certification bodies

Neutral inspection

Neutral inspection* (NEW)

Biomass production in
food industry

Scheme principles for the certification of sustainable material
flows for
the c
hemical industry

(Revision information)

* The REDcert-EU scheme principles will be supplemented after publishing the so called "Implementing acts".
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